Who We Are

Sourcetoad is an award-winning application development firm specializing in hospitality and cruise industry solutions. We build innovative guest-facing software that makes operations easier for the staff, solves complex functionality issues, and brings convenience and delight to guests.

We are headquartered in Tampa, Florida with an additional team in Perth, Australia.

Sourcetoad Software Engineer

What We Do

Sourcetoad has been building software for cruise ships and hotels for over ten years. We specialize in development of various applications with special attention to detail, quality, and professionalism. In addition, we offer supplemental tech services such as research and consulting, security testing and code audits, training, and support.


We help clients define, build, and implement software solutions for their businesses. We understand that oftentimes our software can be the most valuable and expensive part of a company, and that is a massive responsibility to take on. As a result, we take our four values very seriously:

  • HumilityWe are committed to continual improvement and learning. We know we can always be better. Our clients are experts in their fields, and we are there to invest in their vision with them.
  • HonestyWe are transparent and honest. Our focus is on long-term partnerships rather than short-term profits, so we are always upfront about what is possible and what it will cost.
  • JoyWe do this because it’s fun, fulfilling, and challenging. We try to inject joy into everything we do and build. 
  • EngineeringWe strive for engineering excellence. We want to build robust, scalable, working software that is useful and used.

Our Team

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Our Story

Sourcetoad in 2014

Sourcetoad in 2014.

Sourcetoad began in 2008 when Greg Ross-Munro left his job at an investment bank to start a company that would create applications for the newly opened iOS App Store. There were only 500 apps available at the time, and Greg saw an opportunity to create the company he envisioned — a place where smart, nerdy, techy people would want to hang out.

Despite advice to move to San Francisco, Greg chose to stay in Tampa Bay. He knew there were talented people in the area who enjoyed their lifestyle and didn’t want to move to Silicon Valley to have a career in technology. After deciding to stay in Tampa, he recruited partners Nick DeMelas and Justin Weber to help him form Sourcetoad into the company it is today.

Sourcetoad Inc. 5000

Sourcetoad team with Inc. 5000 award in 2019.

What began as a handful of eager programmers in a room in a shared office space has become a bicontinental company with over 35 employees. Sourcetoad has been recognized by Inc. as one of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America for three years in a row and is a Tampa Bay Business Journal 2019 Fast 50 honoree. Although the Sourcetoad team members have become specialists in cruise industry technology, the company has worked with organizations as diverse as Sony DADC, Jackson Hewitt, Honeywell, Hillsborough County, P&G, and SOCOM.

There are now more than two million apps in the iOS store, but Sourcetoad rarely creates any new ones. Most of its projects these days are large digital-transformation projects for enterprise companies. But despite its evolution, Sourcetoad is still a company designed by nerds for nerds. There are plenty of Super Mario breaks, bad Nicholas Cage movies, game nights, and even the occasional argument over the coverage of turbo lifts on Galaxy-class starships. Whatever the future brings, Sourcetoad will always be a place where smart, nerdy, techy people hang out.

Sourcetoad in Cruise

Sourcetoad aboard Cruise Ship

Sourcetoad team aboard a client’s cruise ship.

Sourcetoad gravitated toward the cruise industry for one main reason: complexity. Designing a calendar system for reservations is not difficult for most software developers. But designing a calendar system for reservations where the time zone can change up to three times and the ship time isn’t actually related directly to a time zone is a different matter. That’s the type of challenge that keeps the nerds at Sourcetoad engaged. The issues that are inherent to maintaining and improving the technology systems that run on floating cities are unlike any industry, and unique challenges are what Sourcetoad enjoys.

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