Sourcetoad is a technology consulting and innovation company. We specialize in delivering web and mobile applications, desktop software, and even smart TV interfaces to the cruise industry.

Our domain expertise has helped our clients launch complex projects around shore excursions, hotel booking, onboard management, and customer-facing web and mobile applications.

We are also the developers of Cruise Director, an amphibious platform for managing all onboard passenger-facing systems across a fleet.

Who We Are

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Why Sourcetoad?

Why Sourcetoad?

Our 5-Step Process

Sourcetoad uses a systematized approach to all new development projects. This process helps our clients ensure their requirements are being met, progress is constantly monitored, and development costs can be accurately forecast.

Deep Understanding (Start at the Start)

In order to create a truly great system, your team has to know what they are building. At Sourcetoad we like to get involved in the build process as early as possible. This ensures a deeper understanding of our clients’ unique needs.

When building a physician dispatch system, our product managers will shadow doctors and dispatchers to learn how the new system could best fit in with existing workflows. When launching a new ship-wide entertainment system, our developers start living aboard the ship while it is still in the yard. Our philosophy is that in order to build great solutions, we need to have a deep understanding of the context of the challenges. As a result, we become a part of a client’s team.

Technical Expertise

Sourcetoad is a company that solves problems. We solve these problems using any means necessary, but usually we turn to writing code. Challenges with data, devices, information delivery, and mathematics are often best-suited to technical solutions. Sourcetoad’s engineers are world-class software architects and programmers. Our developers are not code monkeys for hire, they are experts in both business solutions and software engineering. Our expertise is primarily in the following fields:

  • Database design (relational and non-relational)
  • Data analytics
  • Cross-platform mobile development
  • IoT device management
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) design
  • Large-scale middleware infrastructure
Core Values

Sourcetoad’s Core Values

We’re not just a group of nerds who like to techno-babble you to death.

  1. Building Relationships. Each and every one of our clients forms a relationship with one or more of our product managers. Product managers are not just order takers either; they are experts in system design and project management.
  2. Systematizing. Planning and process are just as important as good code. The number one reason for the failure of software projects is poor planning. We are committed to working with you to produce a solid plan to take your applications from conception to launch and beyond.
  3. Collaboration. We love solving problems together. This means that we want to work with you as a partner, discussing ideas, tinkering with designs, and getting your systems to work as well as they possibly can.
  4. Launch Driven. We want to see products launched and to market. We are the godparents of every system our clients have ever built. We treat them as if they were our own, and want to see them thrive.