Sourcetoad is a technology consulting and software development firm that works on large digital-transformation projects for enterprise companies.

The Three Big Problems

Modern businesses are faced with 3 main software problems:

  1. Too Many Devices
    These days you have to deliver any digital product to multiple platforms, including iPhone, Android, the web, smart TVs, kiosks, wearables, and who-knows-what next. Traditionally, this has meant that businesses had to use multiple vendors to achieve a unified technology strategy. You have to hire an iOS developer, Android developer, a web developer, a Windows developer, etc. It’s almost impossible to find a single agency that will be able to handle all these needs.
  2. Complexity
    Because of having to work with so many vendors, the process becomes very complex to manage, and very expensive extremely quickly. Your various developers have to communicate with each other constantly to create a unified front. Software launches are impossible to coordinate, and project management becomes a nightmare.
  3. Spread Out Information
    Having your developers spread out through multiple teams creates the ultimate knowledge silos. When starting on the Android version of your awesome iPhone app, you have to start over from scratch and teach a new team your business processes, cultural norms, and delivery patterns. If a single team member leaves, they take with them all the knowledge in which you’ve invested years of collaboration.
Cross Platform Deployment

The Sourcetoad Solution

Sourcetoad has solved these three uniquely modern development problems by blending expertise and technology. We have spent the last 8 years building a team of experts in “cross-platform development” (sometimes called hybrid development). This is a fancy way of saying that we use the same set of technologies across our clients’ various projects. This is possible with the next generation of development tools available to programmers.

What this means for you is:

  1. A single, unified development team. You get the chance to know the team you’re working with across a variety of projects and systems. The company building your mobile app can now be the same company building your kiosk systems.
  2. Complexity is handled holistically. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you start a new project, and building your technology portfolio over time becomes easier and less expensive.
  3. We learn with you. The same team of engineers can work on multiple projects for a single client. Your institutional knowledge grows with our team over time, meaning we learn to work better together with the long-term goals constantly in mind.

Sourcetoad’s Core Values

We’re not just a group of nerds who like to techno-babble you to death.

  1. Building Relationships. Each and every one of our clients forms a relationship with one or more of our product managers. Product managers are not just order takers either; they are experts in system design and project management.
  2. Systematizing. Planning and process are just as important as good code. The number one reason for the failure of software projects is poor planning. We are committed to working with you to produce a solid plan to take your applications from conception to launch and beyond.
  3. Collaboration. We love solving problems together. This means that we want to work with you as a partner, discussing ideas, tinkering with designs, and getting your systems to work as well as they possibly can.
  4. Launch Driven. We want to see products launched and to market. We are the godparents of every system our clients have ever built. We treat them as if they were our own, and want to see them thrive.
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