API Management

API Management

  • Allow your systems to act as one, regardless of age or technology choices.
  • Use different PMS systems across a fleet.
  • Future-proof strategic technology decisions.
  • Build a custom business logic layer across all systems.
  • Have a universal onboard API.

RFID wristbands, smart TV systems, onboard augmented-reality mobile apps, and Bluetooth low-energy door locks are all part of the modern cruise ship tech experience. Each initiative is painstakingly planned, diligently executed, thoroughly tested, and carefully integrated and released. Every few years, however, a new system will take the place of an old one or something even shinier will appear on the market, and the cycle will begin anew.

The Old Way: API Spaghetti

API Spaghetti Before

Cruise Director’s API management feature is a new way of looking at the onboard technological ecosystem. Rather than integrating technology systems with a ship’s component parts, developers interact with a universal set of abstractions and controls. API calls are exactly the same on a new build using an Oracle PMS as they are on a 30-year-old ship running a homegrown system.

The Solution: Cruise Director

API Spaghetti After

This abstraction process also future-proofs ships and allows for technology decisions to be made strategically. If a cruise line decides to change PMS provider or install a new iTV system, it could mean years of retrofits or dealing with the operational pains of supporting multiple systems. As a result, fleetwide integrations have made vendor lock-in commonplace in the cruise industry. Innovation becomes slow, risky, and expensive. Cruise Director removes these hurdles completely. Now, each ship in a fleet can have a different PMS, iTV system, VSAT provider, weather system, or digital signage vendor, allowing the guest-facing technology systems to be completely unified.

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