5-Week App Prototype

5-Week App Prototype

5-Week App Prototype

Building an application is a long and sometimes daunting road. Large organizations in particular deal with the complexities of multiple stakeholders, vendors, and technologies. As a result, taking that first step can often seem like a leap.

The best way to kick-start an innovation project is to build a chopping-block prototype that can be used as a discussion item. This is not a simple wireframe, or a set of high-fidelity comps, but an actual working application. Putting a phone or a mouse in a stakeholder’s hand, and letting them play with a piece of technology, can make the challenges seem less problematic, inspire confidence in the future of a project, and open up a dialogue for new ideas.

The application delivered at the end of the process will be as feature-complete as possible, connecting to data sources if available, but will most likely rely on test data, and demo images. The idea is to get your decision makers to move to the next stage of development, where input can be gathered from all interested parties, and a robust, secure piece of software can be designed.

After delivery, Sourcetoad’s senior staff are made available to assist in creating presentations and demos for you to deliver to your stakeholders.

The Deliverables

At the end of 5 weeks, Sourcetoad will deliver a working prototype to your team.

  • A working iOS and Android build of the software
  • A working desktop application for Windows or MacOS
  • A working web application
  • The source code for the application

The application will be delivered with:

  • Full instructions on how to install and share the software
  • A presentation on lessons learned during the build process
  • A set of ideas on improvements or future additions to the software
  • Full support for helping you communicate the ideas and principles to your stakeholders

Our Process

  • Week 1
    • The initial kickoff meeting, with ideation and whiteboard session
    • Creation of inspiration boards
    • Technology selection
  • Week 2
    • Low-fidelity wireframe creation
    • User experience design
  • Week 3
    • The development cycle starts
  • Week 4
    • Development continues
    • The first screens and installs are demoed
  • Week 5
    • Development completes
    • Installation and sharing instructions are created
    • Ideation and delivery presentation are created
    • Software and presentation are delivered

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