Captive Portal

Captive Portal

Gate, our captive portal solution, provides a lightweight tool for customizing how guests and crew are presented with access to the onboard Wi-Fi network.

The captive portal can also gather guest information for future marketing purposes, while continuing to offer free Internet service. The solution is also flexible enough to provide revenue-generating Internet service packages in the future.

Gate’s flexible identification system can reduce mishandling of passenger logins by crew. Access can be limited to a number of devices, require a code be printed out at reception (or displayed on an iTV screen), or connect with segregated PMS data such as passport or booking numbers.

The identity server can also be used to manage logins from other onboard systems. Onboard passenger or crew apps can both rely on Gate’s APIs to allow time scheduling, onboard purchases and bookings, or business center access.

Administrative users can manage the captive portal through the easy-to-use console. System managers can set how many devices are able to share the same account, remove users from the system, and monitor usage. Business rules can be configured in the admin console to gracefully notify guests if they attempt to exceed the total number of devices per account that are permitted to connect to the internet.

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