Code Audits and Security Testing

Code Audits

Code Audits

A code audit is a meticulous examination of a piece of software’s source code to discover whether there are vulnerabilities, programming errors, or bugs. If a previous development team created a piece of legacy software, we can determine it’s sustainability and analyze if a new firm would be able to take over the development.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Even the most experienced teams shouldn’t rely solely on internal audits, which is why Sourcetoad offers security testing. Also known as white hat hacking, this testing provides a second set of eyes to challenge a piece of software’s security paradigms and mechanisms. We provide a unique set of expertise and approaches to ensure that your software stands up to external threats.


Sourcetoad sponsors Apktool’s development to help ensure that this valuable tool continues to thrive and is free for security professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to use.

Why You Need Them

Due Diligence

Whether you’ve just purchased a new piece of software, you’ve inherited software you’re uncertain about, or you have a concern about current engineering efficiency, Sourcetoad will act as an impartial third-party and provide a detailed, understandable report to put your mind at ease.

Expert Witness Testimony

During legal proceedings, litigants often need subject matter experts to provide opinions on practices within the software development industry. Sourcetoad has a wealth of previous experience in this area and can be your expert witness when you need us.

Peace of Mind

If you’re not intricately involved in your development team’s practices, it can be difficult to ensure your current setup is not a liability. Sourcetoad can act as your eyes and ears by reviewing development practices and ensure you have complete piece of mind.