Did You Know Your iPhone Could Do These Things?

In desperate need of a new, not-from-the-20th-century phone, I decided to purchase an iPhone 5s yesterday. It’s one of the top smartphones on the market right now, and I don’t plan on buying another one any time soon so I figured I might as well shoot high. The phone has all the obvious smartphone capabilities, but is also said to boast some impressive features that only iPhones have. Being the curious person I am, I wasted no time delving into some of the iPhone’s ultra-cool but lesser-known high-tech features.

Shake Away Typos

Whether you’re using the built-in speech-to-text function — which actually works surprisingly well — or typing on the screen, typos are inevitable, and annoying. I still haven’t gotten used to typing on a touchscreen, so I hate having to backspace out typos… But I don’t have to! If you need to erase a typo, simply shake your phone up and down a few times and an “undo text” option will appear. This also works for copied and pasted text.

Shoot Like a Pro

When I’m taking pictures with my DSLR, I don’t take one photo at a time; I leave the camera on continuous shutter mode, and I take anywhere from five to 10 snapshots. This is a trick professional photographers have been using for decades. If you only take one picture of the shot you’re trying to get, then your chances of messing up the shot are pretty high; but if you take several pictures of your shot in rapid succession, you have a much greater chance that one of those pictures will be usable. You also increase your odds of capturing something unexpected.

By default, when you take a picture on your iPhone by tapping the shutter button on the screen, it only takes one photo, and as we all know, it tends to be a blurry one at that. What you might not know, however, is that if you hold down the shutter button instead of tapping it, the camera will go into burst mode, and take a series of photos.

If you still can’t manage to get an in-focus picture using burst most, take the professionalism up another notch by plugging in your iPhone’s headphones cable and using the volume up and down buttons (+/-) as a shutter release cable.

Create Airtight Passwords in Less Than a Second

Passwords are a pretty big deal these days. If you want to keep your vast array of online accounts and information safe, you need to have strong, unique passwords protecting all of your logins and access points. As you probably know, a password created by a human is not likely to be as strong as a password generated by a computer program; and while you could waste your time coming up with seemingly random strings of alphanumeric characters, why would you when you Siri can do it for you in a snap?

All you have to do is say this command to Siri: “random password.” You can also say “random password” and then a number if you want the password to be a specific number of characters — e.g., “random password 32 characters.”