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Ship Management Systems

Ship Management Systems

Our cruise software experts can help bring cutting edge technology solutions to any cruise environment. We have built software for every onboard role, from Cruise Directors to Security Officers.

Cruise Application Development

Cruise Application Development

Designing apps to run on board cruise ships comes with a unique set of demands. Internet access, synchronization, and onboard awareness are all challenges Sourcetoad can help you solve these problems.

Shoreside Operations Tools

Shoreside Operations Tools

Sourcetoad’s domain expertise in the cruise industry makes us an ideal choice for all types of custom software development. From tour operations management to cruise planning, we have done it all.

Custom Shipboard Integrations

Custom Shipboard Integrations

The number of onboard technology vendors has grown exponentially over the last few years. Integrating these various informational, technical, and entertainment systems with each is our specialty.

Hack Hospitality

At Hack Hospitality, Sourcetoad sponsored the Cruise Ship Challenge. Six teams produced innovative solutions for the cruise industry.

Cruise Director Logo

Cruise Director is the new generation of onboard ship management systems that connects all the devices on ships (from kiosks and TVs to smart phones and tablets) and facilitates the streaming of media to TVs, the purchasing of on-board services, the management of passenger WiFi access, and the reporting of analytics for all systems involved.

For each system to interact with each other, hundreds of custom coded integrations would be needed. Cruise Director abstracts the communications between the various vendor-systems and refines them into a unified, onboard API.

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