Cruise Director is a platform that allows cruise lines to simplify the management and development of fleetwide onboard systems. Cruise Director’s features include:

  • Content synchronization from shoreside systems to shipboard applications.
  • API management that creates a universal onboard API, allowing for the rapid development of apps, embedded systems, and other onboard tools.
  • Content management systems for digital signage, entertainment metadata, and other subsystems, including custom modules that are easy to build.
  • A fleetwide analytics platform for monitoring every aspect of onboard passenger engagement, from media consumption to onboard purchases.
Cruise Director interface

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Sync your CDN, media, signage screens, CMS, and custom modules.

  • Selective sync: Synchronize content to one particular ship, a certain class of ships, or an entire fleet.
  • Bandwidth management: Monitor your bandwidth usage to perform syncs during off-peak times.
  • Synchronization logs: Instantly know which ships are running which versions of your content.
  • Roll backs: Locally revert content to previous states with the click of a button.
API Management

API Management

Allow your systems to act as one, regardless of age or technology choices.

  • Use different PMS systems across a fleet.
  • Future-proof strategic technology decisions.
  • Build a custom business logic layer across all systems.
  • Have a universal onboard API.
Fleetwide Analytics

Fleetwide Analytics

Provide fleetwide data on everything from movie viewership to app-based tour bookings, regardless of the underlying technology.

  • Build custom reports with multiple dimensions.
  • Export analytics to be used in any BI system.
  • Save commonly used reports.
Content Management

Content Management

Control every aspect of guest-facing content on a ship, from shoreside or onboard.

  • Send notifications to guests.
  • Manage onboard events and shows.
  • Change digital signage screens on the fly.
  • Synchronize media metadata across a fleet.
  • Build custom modules for any piece of content.
IOT Device Management

IOT Device Management

Track and manage any enabled device on a shipboard network.

  • View device statistics and descriptions.
  • Monitor uptime and reboot compatible devices.
  • Control software updates and rollouts.

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