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Cruise Line Solutions

Cross Platform Deployment

Systems that work across signage, iTV, apps, kiosks, surface tables, and more.

IOT Management

A constant stream of dialogue between the backend and various devices and systems.

API Middleware

A cohesive API that every system on the ship can ingest.

Analytics Systems

A single dashboard that brings together all analytics.

As cruise lines adopt individual systems and technologies, the costs and complexity of operating and integrating various vendors and disparate systems can rapidly increase. Sourcetoad has the industry expertise and experience to connect all of your individual purchases and devices through our onboard ship management system, CORE.

What is CORE?

CORE is the new generation of onboard ship management systems that connects all the devices on ships (from kiosks and TVs to smart phones and tablets) and facilitates the streaming of media to TVs, the purchasing of on-board services, the management of passenger WiFi access, and the reporting of analytics for all systems involved.

For each system to interact with each other, hundreds of custom coded integrations would be needed. CORE abstracts the communications between the various vendor-systems and refines them into a unified, onboard API.

  • Device Management
  • API Aggregator
  • Content Delivery
  • CMS Modules
  • Analytics

How to Get Started

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