Hack Hospitality Cruise Challenge – Team Cheeseburger

The Tampa Bay Hack Hospitality hackathon brought together professionals with a variety of experience and talents. Team Cheeseburger (Douglas Radecki, Leon Dorado, Shenole Latimer, Miles Smith, Linggih Saputro, Lisa Pineda, and Veronika Keblinskas) was an example of a well-balanced group of designers and developers.

When the team decided to create a booking app, they focused on addressing the following challenges faced by river cruises:

  1. Underutilized resources — When ships dock, most passengers disembark to go sight-seeing. Almost all of the facilities and services on the ship shut down during this period.
  2. Unreliable internet — Providing reliable Wi-Fi is consistently a challenge for cruise ships.
  3. An aging client-base — Bringing on a new generation of passengers is critical for profit and growth.

Team Cheeseburger

Douglas Radecki presenting at the hackathon.

The app’s user persona (fictional ideal customer) is Lisa, a 45 year-old tourist who is traveling with her friend. They’re trying to plan out the next couple of days and begin looking at restaurants on OpenTable.

  • Lisa sees an ad for a dining experience on a docked cruise ship.
  • She taps on the ad and is redirected to a landing page.
  • Here she reads more about the experience and books a lunch for two.
  • After paying, she sees exclusive offers for additional services on the ship.
  • She books post-lunch massages for her and her friend.
  • Lisa then receives an automated phone call confirming her bookings.

The app allows for a younger demographic to be exposed to the cruise line, which potentially creates a new wave of future passengers. The team addressed the challenge of limited Wi-Fi by using SMS to make bookings and updates on the number of positions left.

To learn more about the app, watch the demo that Douglas Radecki, Leon Dorado, and Shenole Latimer gave at Sourcetoad’s headquarters.

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