Desktop Application Development


Sourcetoad specializes in creating desktop applications using web technologies.

The last few years have been an exciting time for cross-platform developers. New tools have emerged allowing programmers whose main experience has been in web and mobile development to build enterprise-scale desktop applications. If you’ve ever used applications like Slack, Hive, Atom, or even the Visual Studios, you would probably never have guessed they were made with the building blocks of the web.

What Cross-Platform
Means For You

Cross-platform desktop applications allow organizations to develop software that runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and even Linux. Not only do the applications run on multiple systems, they can all be built by the same developer, and coded once. This means a huge increase in speed to market, and a 3X cost savings in development spending.

Technologies We Use


This is perfect for:

  1. Desktop applications that need to communicate with a server
  2. Administrative tools
  3. Presentation applications
  4. Desktop sales tools
  5. Kiosk systems
  6. Interactive and static signage systems
  7. Demo systems
  8. Interactive TV applications

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