Cruise Director’s entertainment system is a robust solution for movies-on-demand, music-on-demand, live television, and live music.

The entertainment module was designed to allow cruise lines to have centralized control over all entertainment content, while still remaining vendor agnostic. This means that you can have one vendor’s iTV system on some ships, and another vendor’s systems on others, and still be able to control all the content remotely. Viewing and listening analytics are then also aggregated fleet wide, rather than on a per vendor basis. This gives cruise lines the power to try new vendors, or replace older systems without having to worry about lock-in, or expensive refits.

Shipboard staff also have the benefit of being trained on one system. Regardless of vendor, integrations allow the entertainment system to reboot devices and update content.


Our backend Cruise Director module allows broadcast managers to create and manage onboard content, while keeping ultimate control with a shore side content manager. This means that a single content person can maintain the descriptions, cover art, or even categorization of the entire fleet from a central location.

Content can be synchronized and distributed along anyone of Cruise Director’s sync systems. So you can have the latest titles running on your ocean fleet, and have more classics on the rivers ships.

TV Interfaces

For the in-cabin experience, Sourcetoad offers three options, existing vendor integration, set top boxes and smart TV interfaces.

Most modern interactive TV systems are web browser based – meaning that once the underlying server infrastructure is in place, redesigning interfaces can be done quickly and cost-effectively. Using this strategy, Sourcetoad can help you build a single interface that can run across your fleet, regardless of the mix of technology it is delivered on. With very few changes, the same interface (using the same code base) can run on existing vendor hardware, new set top boxes, and smart TVs.

This strategy allows for rapid, fleet-wide updates and allows cruise lines to use the hardware and streaming vendors they are most comfortable with.

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