Modular Systems Overview

Modular Systems Overview

Intelligent Signage

Cruise Director’s modular approach combines the benefits of a shared infrastructure platform with the ownership and flexibility of a stand-alone application strategy. This means that you can build modules that inherit API management, synchronization, analytics, and permissioning, while still maintaining control and owning your own code — all while benefiting from a set of standard modules available out of the box.

Custom Module Development

Cruise Director comes with a number of standard modules including:

  • Entertainment — A full iTV, music, and streaming platform.
  • Signage — An automated and dynamic digital signage and kiosk system.
  • Mobile App Management — A platform for rapidly deploying onboard and shoreside mobile applications.
  • Captive Portal — A customizable captive portal for guest and crew Wi-Fi authentication.
  • Cabin Access — An Assa Abloy module for managing BLE door lock access.
  • Notifications — A customizable notifications manager for sending guests and crew messages.

Each one of these modules is able to interact with the shoreside Cruise Director Cloud platform, synchronize with shoreside data sources, be managed by a robust permissions tool, and report back to the unified analytics platform.

Standard Modules

We understand that nothing about a cruise line is standard. Your brand is unique in its demographics, market, and offerings. That’s why we built Cruise Director to be flexible and extensible. Custom modules can quickly and easily be added to the system to accommodate new onboard or shoreside features for just about any requirement imaginable.

For example, you could build an onboard library system, where passengers browse books on their iPads and then have the paper copies delivered to their cabins. The books’ descriptions and cover art could all be managed from a shoreside office, and all rentals or purchases would be handled through the onboard folio and tracked in the fleetwide analytics system. The possibilities are endless.

Sourcetoad’s team of product managers and developers can help you take new modules from concept to deployment in as little as a few weeks!

Build Your Own

Because Cruise Director is based on a full client ownership model, we are there to completely support your brand’s development goals. Sourcetoad can train your development team to work on creating new modules inside of Cruise Director, or our developers can work with your team as augmentation or expert support. Our support and training models are flexible and designed to work with your business.

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