• Allow your systems to act as one, regardless of age or technology choices.
  • Use different PMS systems across a fleet.
  • Future-proof strategic technology decisions.
  • Build a custom business logic layer across all systems.
  • Have a universal onboard API.

Cruise Director was built to allow for flexible permissioning across an entire organization. This ensures that only users with the correct permissions are able to create, read, update, and delete almost any type of content. Each onboard system is also configured with its own permissions and roles defined.


Cruise Director allows for complete arbitrary permissions and roles. So you could create a user who has access to publish and unpublished video content on one ship, but they cannot edit the actual movie descriptions.

The system comes standard with a number of default permissions and roles that can be easily customized.

Shoreside Admins:

  • Fleet admin
  • Brand admin

Shipboard Accounts:

  • Cruise Director
  • Assistant Cruise Director
  • Hotels Manager
  • Ship Broadcast Manager
  • Shore Excursion Manager
  • Security Officer
  • Theater Manager

Identity Services Integration

If your organization already uses a centralized permissioning and roles system, Cruise Director has integrations available with both LDAP and SAML identity services.

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