Research & Consulting

Research & Consulting

Technology can drive your efficiency, productivity, growth, and profitability. One of the largest challenges for all companies is keeping up with the ever-changing nature of technological innovation. How do you maximize your current technology? How do you choose which new technology to invest in? What is the best technology recipe for your business goals?

Sourcetoad can be your sidekick to your digital transformation superhero. We can help in reducing previous technology debt, modernizing business processes, and employing technology that helps you achieve your objectives. We have extensive experience pinpointing automation opportunities, vetting potential partners, negotiating contracts, auditing code, and helping you decide when to build and when to buy innovation.

We can help you in a few main categories:

Product Design

Have you ever found yourself searching for a product that you feel should exist, but you can’t find it anywhere? That’s the initial feeling you get when you invent something. If you are either a serial inventor, or it’s your first time, you’ll want a team to give you an outside perspective. Sourcetoad can help you in the technology side of your new invention. We can offer insights on how to go about building it, researching potential alternative solutions, create cost to build and cost to own estimates, and even build you small working prototypes for you to shop internally or to test with potential users. Sourcetoad can even help run focus groups to see how what is important to users, and how they react when interacting with the prototypes.

Technology Investigation

Often when buying a piece of technology (or even deciding to build it) you will be faced with a number of tricky questions. Most of these questions will be business related: does the product fit the need, are the costs justified, etc. However, many times some of the questions will require a deeper dive into the technology itself: How scalable is the solution, how robust is the API, will this integrate easily with our PMS, etc. Sourcetoad is your go to team for unbiased, technology research and testing to help you make the right decision for the business.

Ideation Facilitation

Good ideas abound in most organizations, but moving from idea to actual innovation is difficult. Internal stakeholders can often want to hold on to their territory or can be opposed to new ways of thinking. Having an outside facilitator, who is experienced in the industry and technology, can help teams work out and agree to the next set of priorities. Our product managers and consultants can be your ally in generating buy-in and pulling ideas into the open.

If you are interested in a very easy way to test the waters with our services, check out our 2-Day Technology Ideation Facilitation Sessions.

Cost Benefit Analysis

There is a staggering amount of software running a modern cruise line. Home-built or vendor-supplied, these applications touch many of the same systems, requiring multiple integrations. Vendors can be especially difficult when sharing data and access to other vendors.

Having to perform the same work, or having overlapping systems, can add hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars in costs. Sourcetoad has the business analysis expertise, experience, and technical know-how to sort through the various systems and provide insight into where the biggest offenders are. We can also see where huge benefits could be created by combining systems or finding underutilized potential.

If you’d like to see where to start on a cost benefit analysis, check out our 4-Week Vendor Integration Cost/Benefit Analysis program.

If you are an innovation superhero looking for a sidekick, sign us up! We live for those moments where we can find you the right piece of technology or help your team work out what to build next. So if you would like to learn more about how we help people build new ideas, or save them money, let’s schedule a quick call.