Intelligent Signage

Intelligent Signage

Cruise Director’s intelligent signage delivers centralized control and a variety of integration options. Eye-catching information to assist guests is easy to build using templates, videos, and static images.

Unlike most signage systems, the signage module is designed to be set-it-and-forget it. Our automated systems can deliver dynamic signage based on any number of preset options:

  • Time of day
  • The position of the ship
  • The itinerary
  • Weather conditions
  • The current port
  • The location of the gangway
  • Items in the cruise compass
  • Entertainment and theatre schedules
  • Deck number
  • Elevator movement

The signage system can manage pre-made playlists of both static and video signage, created onboard or shoreside. Digital assets for signage screens can also be configured to build on top of the signage system. For example, a change to the port image on your marketing website can be automatically updated onboard.

The signage admin console allows administrators to create signage playlists, manage signage, and search devices. Displays can be customized remotely, and templates can be utilized for standardization and brand consistency. This significantly decreases the support burden for managing the passenger information system.

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