Software Engineering

At Sourcetoad, we have been building software for cruise ships and hotels for ten years. Almost every developer in the company has worked aboard clients’ ships and understands the unique challenges, levels of detail, and the expectations of passengers and crew.

Sourcetoad is a great partner if you are looking to work on projects involving:

  • Business software  (e.g., building a tool for managing your shore excursion vendors)
  • Product development (e.g., providing a crew app for showing housekeeping staff when passengers will be out of their cabins)
  • Integration (e.g., tying shoreside web marketing data about ports to onboard digital kiosk systems).

Areas of Specialization

  • Business process automation
  • Mobile app design
  • Interactive TV and signage development
  • Reservation systems integration
  • Shipboard-shoreside synchronization systems
  • Hotel booking systems
  • Oracle Hospitality (Fidelio) development
  • Marine Exchange (MXP) development
  • Shore excursion management tools
  • IoT development

If you are looking for engineers who understand your challenges your guests, and your expertise, we would love to help you build really cool stuff!