When it comes to mission critical operational software, support options always become a concern.

The type of support to consider is also important. Do you need 24 hour, level 1 desktop-style support for the application, or business hour support for level 2 issues and outages? We can help you build a support plan that works for you and your company.

Level 2 Support

Your organization is most likely equipped to handle all level 1 support calls and tickets. With training from the Sourcetoad team, and strong documentation, most issues can be easily resolved internally. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and things sometimes go wrong. If a systems manager updates a server and now the mobile app stops working, you want to be able to call in the developers. Our level 2 support options can help your teams escalate issues based on a number of SLAs. Our support systems can integrated with yours, or processes can be designed to speed up response times. We can triage events by percentage of users dissatisfied or amount of users affected, it’s completely up to your internal procedures.

24-Hour Support Options

Most custom development companies find it impossible to offer around-the-clock support. But because our offices are in Tampa, Florida and Perth, Australia, we can offer options where we are always available. Our 24-hour options are available for mission-critical systems or health-related applications. We can design a support agreement around your application’s unique needs.

Managed Services for AWS

Servers need patching, their cache need clearing, and their usage needs monitoring. For any application we develop that lives on the Amazon Web Services platform, we can offer a complete set of managed services offerings.

If you have a technology system that needs developer or devops support, we would love to help. And if you’re planning on building something from scratch, let’s talk about how to make sure your invention has the support it needs to grow and take over the world!