Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization

  • Sync your CDN, media, signage screens, CMS, and custom modules.
  • Selective sync: Synchronize content to one particular ship, a certain class of ship, or an entire fleet.
  • Bandwidth management: Monitor your bandwidth usage to perform syncs during off-peak times.
  • Synchronization logs: Instantly know which ships are running which versions of your content.

Cruise Director is built on a flexible synchronization engine. Syncing can be set up per ship, group of ships, or for the entire fleet. All synchronizations are logged for rollback options and customizations. Cruise Director allows every type of onboard content to be synchronized to the Cruise Director Cloud system.

Content can be synchronized with a number of customizable options, including:

  • Brand
  • Class of ship
  • Type of ship (Ocean, Rivers, Expedition, etc.)
  • Sailing Itinerary
  • Individual ship

Cruise Director’s synchronization engine is available to all modules using the platform. This means that a content director sitting shoreside, is able to curate the copy of every movie on the TV system fleetwide. You will never have to worry again about a broadcast manager making a copy-paste mistake or about an excursions manager misspelling a port name in the Cruise Compass.


Marketing CMS Synchronization

Cruise Director’s CDN module is the solution to fleetwide digital asset management. The shoreside instance of Cruise Director seamlessly integrates with your existing CMS and ingests all relevant assets and text into a single database. If required, the CDN can also pull data from multiple CMS systems. From this single repository, Cruise Director synchronizes all assets down to the local CDNs on each ship in the fleet. All images, videos, PDFs, and text assets are then available locally to any shipboard system. What’s more is that Cruise Director will only synchronize new or modified CMS assets to the ships, saving bandwidth and time.

With Cruise Director, a marketing department in Miami can change the web hero image for a shore excursion. If a piece of digital signage on a ship 3,000 miles away uses that same image, it will automatically be updated.

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