2-Day Technology Ideation Facilitation Sessions

2-Day Technology Ideation Facilitation Sessions

2-Day Technology Ideation Facilitation Sessions

Cruise lines are now in the innovation business. Not only do guests expect a baseline level of technological conveniences, but available technology can be a competitive advantage. New operational software can also massively improve staff efficiency, consistency, and even lead to large scale cost reductions. But deciding on where to make the best software investments can be challenging.

Sourcetoad can help you facilitate the ideation and prioritization of where to go next. All of the good ideas already exist in your organization, but sometimes it helps to have an outsider in the room to assist in getting everyone on the same page.

Our two day technology ideation process starts with a day of exploration, where we work with you to identify the various stakeholders in the organization who are best suited to working together towards to common goal of innovation success. Our facilitators are both cruise veterans and hardcore-nerds who can help identify what is easy vs. difficult, and costly vs. inexpensive.

The Deliverables

After the end of the final week, we will deliver a report and presentation that includes:

  • A collection of the drawings, ideas, and systems discussed on Day 2
  • An estimated cost of each idea, associated risks, and potential benefits
  • A full presentation for you to be able to give back to your team and stakeholders

Our Process

  • Day 1
    • A working session with you, the primary stakeholder or visionary
    • The generation of a list of your highest priority concerns and ideas
    • The creation of a guest list of 4-7 people across your organization, most closely aligned to the success of technology systems and innovation
  • Day 2
    • A full day session of whiteboards, ideas, arguments, and fun
    • Either onsite or in an offsite location
    • Included breakfast and lunch for the whole team
    • Lead by a experienced cruise technologist
  • A week later
    • Our final report,
    • A coalition of you and your team’s ideas, combined with our suggestions

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