Building custom software is a challenge, but getting people to use it can be another entire mountain to climb. If everything is designed well the expectation is that you shouldn’t need a lot of training on a new system. In reality, one of the reasons you build a custom software application is that it is for a pretty specific, and oftentimes complex, business requirement.

So once you return, triumphant from the software development arena, you need to train your staff, crew, or administrators on how to use it. Sourcetoad offers a variety of training and education solutions for all of the software we deliver.

In-Person Training

Webinars and conference calls are always great for training large numbers of people, but face-to-face training is often best. Our trainers are abled to conduct sessions on site in our client’s offices, onboard their ships, or in offsite locations. The Sourcetoad offices in Tampa, Florida also have a 20-person training room for any offsite training needs.


If you have your own training standards, methods, tools, and trainers, Sourcetoad can work on your terms. Our developers, product managers, and trainers can produce materials in your LMS systems and then train your educators on the software.

Training Videos

As much as people dislike help documentation, they love video tutorials. That’s why Sourcetoad produces a training video for every major release of the software we develop for our clients. This allows you to incrementally build up a library of relevant training videos. The videos are short enough that they are easy to replace if a feature changes significantly and still give a complete overview of how to use a particular system.

Help Documentation

People hate reading the help files. That’s probably because they’re usually dry, and often unhelpful. We try and keep the dry technical help documentation to a minimum, but we do provide detailed online manuals for the most used tasks of any application. We try and present our help documents as walkthroughs, explaining step by step how to handle a certain task. Our technical writing team can also help you document processes that are outside of the Sourcetoad software scope if you need.

If you would like to work with a development company that cares as much about the software as they do about the people using it, let’s schedule a quick call!