4-Week Vendor Integration Cost/Benefit Analysis

4-Week Vendor Integration Cost/Benefit Analysis

4-Week Vendor Integration Cost/Benefit Analysis

There are hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of software running onboard a modern cruise ship. That number can double if you start counting the shoreside systems as well. The problem is that vendors love to keep you locked into their software, while not wanting to play nice with others. Why should you pay for three vendors to have three separate integrations with your PMS?

This can end up costing cruise lines millions of dollars in duplicated efforts and inefficiencies. Sourcetoad can help you identify these inefficiencies by performing an technical audit of critical onboard and shoreside systems, and provide you with a detailed report on where the greatest benefits can be found through collaboration and integration.

The Deliverables

At the end of the fourth week, we will deliver a full report and presentation to you or your team.

The report will include:

  • A full set of architectural diagrams of your onboard systems and their shoreside interactions
  • Our findings, with sorted from the highest value redundancies to the lowest
  • A set of potential cost savings and integrations options

We will also make ourselves available to you and your team to assist in creating materials for presentations to your stakeholders.

Our Process

  • Week 1
    • The initial kickoff meeting
    • Gathering an extensive list of onboard systems and their shoreside counterparts
  • Week 2
    • Cost gathering of systems
    • Gathering documentation on available systems
    • API analysis of each system to find redundancies
  • Week 3
    • Mapping the various systems in the infrastructure
    • Analysing crossover
  • Week 4
    • Report creation
    • Report and presentation delivery

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