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Sourcetoad specializes in designing and building complex web applications for all platforms.

What’s the Difference Between a Website and a Web App?

A website is a type of web application. It’s just a very simple application. Most websites are simple, information presentation tools – like an online brochure. A web application is a website that does something more. Web apps come in all shapes and sizes. Small web apps allow users to submit comments, or ask questions in a forum. Large web apps can give users access to their billing information, handle complicated workflows, or allow the user to interact with media rich systems.

Every web application we build follows our design philosophy.

  • User Experience First – Every application we design starts off as a set of wireframes, built by our UX experts. We design our applications to be as simple and as intuitive to use as possible.
  • We take security seriously – Hackers are everywhere these days, including here at Sourcetoad. Our engineers will security test everything we do to make sure that your application is safe and secure when released into the wild.
  • Reusability and extensibility – We write code in a modular fashion. This allows your project to be expanded easily, maintained efficiently, and reused when you need it.
  • Backends you can use – We know that no one has the time to mess around with buggy interfaces, unintuitive menus, or obscure commands and controls. We build our administrative tools with you in mind. If your application is going to control a mobile app, you should be able to change as much of the content as you can, through an easy to use interface.

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