Mobile Advertising Predicted to Reach $42 Billion in 2017

The amount of money spent on mobile advertising is poised to surpass radio, and start giving TV and print a run for their money. Magna Global recently reported figures spent on advertising in 2013 and mobile made a huge leap. It’s still nowhere close to what was spent on print advertising and TV commercials, which came in at $110 billion and $196.5 billion respectively; but at $13.1 billion, mobile wasn’t far behind radio at 32.5 billion, which is certain to plummet over the next few years.

Even though only $13.1 billion was spent on mobile ads last year — I say that as if it’s peanuts — mobile ad spending is predicted to jump to $42 billion in the year 2017. surpassing radio and making strides towards print numbers. Print and TV might also see a decline over the next few years as more and more people start relying on their computers and smart devices for news and entertainment.

If you’re more concerned with what’s going on this year, rather than three years in the future, mobile ad spending is estimated to rise to $18 billion in 2014, a 37% increase from last year.